Jonathan Huffman Design

About Me

I've always been a designer. I credit my mom for giving me tons of paper and pens as a kid. I've always loved drawing and creating, so web design is a natural fit for me.

I've been working in web design/development for quite a while. It started as a hobby and gradually because a career. I enjoy working on user interface (UI) design, graphic design, branding. I have worked for large and small companies in health care, housing, accounting, non-profits and more.

I do front-end development: I write HTML, CSS and and I can wrangle presentational JavaScript into something that adds cool functionality to a page.

Please have a look at my resume.

I've had a number of interesting non-web design past jobs as well, and from every experience I have learned something useful.

Past jobs include: hamburger maker, grocery store cashier, missing shopping cart finder, college computer hardware installer, overnight grocery store clerk, department store freight distributor, home goods store freight receiving manager. I also served in the AmeriCorps Volunteers-in-Service-to-America (VISTA), and the AmeriCorps National programs. I've built many houses with Habitat for Humanity doing everything from framing, painting, roofing, drywalling, shed building, concrete house foundation and driveway pouring, window water-proofing, and vinyl tile installation. I was even once a Christmas tree salesperson (you'd be surprised how much of a Christmas tree fits inside a Mini Cooper).

Need a designer? I'm available.