Jonathan Huffman Design

Web Design & Development

I have worked as a Front End Developer for several years, working with a number of small, medium and large size businesses.

My Process

Each situation is different but the fundamentals remain the same. I like to meet with clients and get to know them and their business goals. Together we can sketch out a rough idea of what they are looking for – a basic wireframe is created. Next I’ll take that initial concept and begin designing a mockup of the project. Once a client is in favor of the design in the mock I’ll begin developing the project into a live project. Every step of the way the client is an equal partner in the process.

Example of design process

This page contains some samples of my web design work. Please also check out my Code Pen experiments.

Code Experiments

Responsive Templates

Here are examples of some responsive web templates I have created. Click on the screenshot to open template in a new window.